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Hot Water, Heating & Cooling:


Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C handles a wide variety of products to help make your home more comfortable.  Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C can replace, upgrade or even add a new hot water, heating or air conditioning system where none currently exists.  Comfort is more than just having the right temperature in your home or business - it means having a system that is safe and efficient.  It's the comfort of a quiet, reliable system that works when you need it. It's knowing that your air is clean.  It's even the comfort of knowing someone is there when you call, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.


Installation & Conversions:



If your system is broken beyond repair, Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C�s skilled technicians can get a new system installed quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to upgrade your system due to safety or reliability concerns, Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C can help you choose from a wide variety of top quality air conditioning and heating products with extended warranties as high as 10 years.



Are you paying too much in fuel oil bills to keep that old unit running?

Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C can help you lower your monthly fuel bills by replacing your old oil burning furnace or boiler with a new efficient natural gas system.  With the discovery of natural gas pockets throughout the United States, natural gas prices have remained low and consistent.  Save up to 80% in fuel cost by switching from fuel oil to natural gas.   Also there are substantial rebates available from the natural gas suppliers for customers converting.  Visit www.GasNetworks.com for more information about the latest rebates for home and small businesses installing energy-efficient heating and hot water equipment.  Contact Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C to schedule a free estimate.


Service & Repair:


Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C performs service and repairs of all major brands and natural gas equipment. When your heating, cooling or hot water system is broken, you want it fixed FAST! Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C�s trained professionals will have your system repaired in no time. Providing all of this at a very competitive price makes Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C, the obvious choice.  Call now to schedule your appointment:  508-539-9303


System Maintenance:


Cooling, heating and hot water systems require routine maintenance to maximize performance, maintain efficiency and to insure safety. In the past, systems were simpler by design and had less moving parts, but today they have become more complex due to safety and efficiency standards.


Take the example of automobiles. Cars made in the 1960�s were relatively easy to work on and did not take a lot of complex tools and knowledge to fix. In the 1970�s due to the gasoline crisis, vehicles were mandated to become more efficient and they also increased safety standards.

The same thing has happened to hot water, heating and air conditioning systems. The government has mandated that these systems be more efficient and safer than the units of the past.


Cooling and heating systems are one of the biggest expenses in a home. Maintaining your system assures a long reliable life.  Some manufacturers even require documented preventive maintenance on their equipment or their warranty can be null and void!

Our Check and Clean Service is a professional cleaning, adjustment and safety check, that we perform on all types of air conditioning, heating and hot water systems to help maintain peak performance, safety and reliability.


Contact Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C to schedule a preventive maintenance call on your system today!

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