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Air Conditioning:


Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C takes pride in offering the industry�s
leading and most competitive Air Conditioners on the market. 
Our equipment ranges from 13 to over 21 SEER*.  Each home
and business is different, with specific needs and comfort levels. 
Our passion is to give each individual exactly what they need
and deserve.  Call today for details.






Boilers are the backbone of a home�s mechanical system.  Boilers
can heat the home through radiators, forced air or in floor heating.
Boilers also heat the hot water for domestic use. The boilers that
Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C install are the most energy efficient on
the market. They will work with all hydronic applications including
solar heat. If your boiler is in need of service or replacement call
Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C today.





Direct Vent Wall Heaters:


Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C offers a full line of Direct Vent Wall
Heaters.  Gas fired wall heaters are a safe, ideal approach to
heating a single room or even an entire home, at a fraction of the
cost of central heat systems.





Ductless Split Systems:


Ductless Split Systems provide the ability to enjoy perfect
comfort even in rooms where ductwork cannot be installed,
from sunrooms to garages to attics to homes with radiator
heat.  Each individual unit can be controlled to ensure
each room or space is set to the desired temperature. 
Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C�s ductless systems are energy
efficient and quieter than window units, so you�ll sleep
better at night.


If you have any uncomfortable rooms where you just
cannot seem to control the temperature, or places where
ductwork cannot be installed, call Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C to discuss how a ductless heating & cooling system can relieve your problems.


For a FREE in-person consultation to select the right ductless system for your home or business, call 508-539-9303 today.


We are proud to be a Mitsubishi* Diamond Dealer, ensuring that we will provide you with the best ductless heating and cooling product for your needs.


Fireplace Inserts / Gas Logs:



Eliminate the mess and hassle of burning wood in your fireplace. 
A gas fired Fireplace Insert is a cleaner, safer, more efficient
way to heat a room or even an entire floor of your home.




If you have a fireplace and are tired of the hassle of burning
wood, a set of decorative Gas Logs is a clean, efficient
alternative. They come in a wide range of sizes and log styles.




The cost of heating your home has risen sharply over the past
few years. If your current furnace is typical of older furnaces,
it�s probably not as efficient as today�s furnaces. Its efficiency
rating could be as low as 50%. That means that 50% of your
heating budget goes up the vent and is wasted. Today�s high-
efficiency furnaces offer efficiency ratings ranging from 80-96%.
The savings you�ll realize by replacing your old inefficient
furnace are dramatic. In addition, factory rebates and
government tax credits make replacing your old furnace more
affordable than ever. Contact Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C today
for a free, no-obligation consultation. One of our professional,

courteous heating consultants will gladly help you find your
ideal furnace without high-pressure sales tactics or confusing jargon. Our goal is always to find the ideal solution for your heating needs.


Gas Appliances:


Eliminate the guess work and risk of leaks by having the trained
professionals at Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C install your new
cooking range, clothes dryer and even outdoor BBQ grilles. 
Contact Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C today for a free, no-obligation





Water Heaters:




Is your old water heater leaking or just not producing enough
hot water?  Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C can install a new
efficient gas fired or indirect water heater in your home or
business.  Electric water heaters are also available, but are
extremely inefficient.





Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C can install a Tankless Water Heater that
can deliver an endless supply of hot water � and energy savings up
to 50%. This means lower energy consumption for your household
or business and lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Here are some
benefits of tankless heaters:


� No energy wasted by storing heated water, as with
conventional water heaters
� Endless supply of water generated with 30% - 50% less
� Lower carbon dioxide emissions than traditional tank-type heaters
� Consistent, safe water temperatures with precise digital control
� Life span of 20 years or more


Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless units heat water only on demand.  You only heat the water you need at the time.  A tankless design is compact, they last longer than conventional tank heaters, cost less to run and produce lower greenhouse-gas emissions.




By raising and maintaining the temperature of your pool, you
will be able to enjoy swimming even when the weather isn't
perfect. By being able to swim more days of the year, you will
be able to get more out of your swimming pool and will benefit
from more hours of fun and exercise. Furthermore, with the
efficiency and low maintenance requirements of gas swimming
pool heaters from Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C, you can keep
your pool warm for less money.


Contact Cape Cod Gas Heat & A/C today for a free,
no-obligation consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you!




We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you
the best service in the industry.





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